Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Browser Back Button Issue after LogOut in

Tab control mvc3

how to start Jquery?

Refresh a page

Once the page is rendered to the client you have only two ways of forcing a refresh. One is Javascript
setTimeout("location.reload(true);", timeout);

The second is a Meta tag:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600">
You can set the refresh intervals on the server side.
for more detail

How to open web page full screen?

Here is full-screen for netscape:
<script language="JavaScript"><!--'page.html','newwin','fullscreen');

for ie:
<script language="JavaScript"><!--
if (window.screen) {
w = window.screen.availWidth;
h = window.screen.availHeight;
u can do this with this client script function
set this proper way in u r ie browser...

Best CMS for

For  best CMS
Umbraco is a good alternative
Dotnetnuke is best cms
Composite is also gaining popularity

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Hi Friends,

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Heartfelt thanks to everyone.........................

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is the difference between IEnumerator and IEnumerable?

IEnumerable is an interface that defines one method GetEnumerator which returns an IEnumerator interface, this in turn allows readonly access to a collection. A collection that implements IEnumerable can be used with a foreach statement.

public IEnumerator GetEnumerator();


public object Current;
public void Reset();
public bool MoveNext();

What is IEnumerable in .net?

It's an interface implemented by Collection types in .NET that provide the Iterator pattern. There also the generic version which is IEnumerable<T>.
The syntax (which you rarely see because there are prettier ways to do it) for moving through a collection that implements IEnumerable is:
 IEnumerator enumerator = collection.GetEnumerator();

    object obj = enumerator.Current;
    // work with the object
Which is functionaly equivalent to:
foreach(object obj in collection)
    // work with the object

If the collection supports indexers, you could also iterate over it with the classic for loop method but the Iterator pattern provides some nice extras like the ability to add synchronization for threading.