Monday, September 3, 2012

Razor View Engine

According to my knowledge has been two  view engine ‘s 
1) .aspx view engine
2) Razor view engine
. aspx view engine, which everyone knew about so let we describe the blog  Razor view engine
Razor was designed as an easy to learn, compact and expressive view engine that enables a fluid coding workflow. Razor file extension is ‘cshtml’ for C# language, and ‘vbhtml’ for Visual Basic. In existing .aspx view engine using the <%= %>  but
Razor view engine strats with @ it is very simpler,neat and light weight than aspx view engine
For example
Razor view engine
Todays date   @DateTime.Now

.aspx view engine
Todays date  <%= DateTime.Now %>
More about razor view engine refer scottgu  blog  

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