Friday, February 24, 2012

Enums Csharp


An enum is a special value type that lets you specify a group of named numeric

Constants. For example:

  public enum BorderSide { Left, Right, Top, Bottom }

We can use this enum type as follows: 

  BorderSide topSide = BorderSide.Top;
  bool isTop = (topSide == BorderSide.Top);

Each enum member has an underlying integral value. By default: 

• Underlying values are of type int.

• The constants 0, 1, 2... are automatically assigned, in the declaration order of

the enum members.

You may specify an alternative integral type, as follows: 

  public enum BorderSide : byte { Left, Right, Top, Bottom }

You may also specify an explicit underlying value for each enum member:

  public enum BorderSide : byte { Left = 1, Right = 2, Top = 10, Bottom = 11 }

Ref C# nutshell and Google

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